"Vivid helped us launch our new brand effectively and efficiently.

We'll be working with them again in the near future to take us to the next level of fundraising.

They're great people to work with and turned in a good result for us."

Ross Forbes,

Programme Director,

Durham Miners' Association




In a nutshell...Vivid devised an exciting mix of promotional services for The DMG aimed at two target audiences; the general public and the owners/management of local bars and pubs. Prior to the gala we printed and distributed beermats and information to bars in Durham. Vivid also supplied a team of Brand Ambassadors to carry out data capture and engagement during the event.

The Miners Gala is now in its 134th year. Each year it is the one of the highlights of the Durham calendar with recent attendance figures showing record numbers. Although its popularity has grown, the Durham Miners Association need to continue to source funding and financial support to enable the gala to continue to flourish.

One source of funding has come directly from members of the public, through a scheme called Friends of the Miners Gala. Anyone can sign up and in return people donate from as little as £2 per month. Perfect for loyal attendees who want to show their support throughout the year for this historic and unique meet. However, it was felt that general awareness and understanding of the scheme could be improved so The DMG worked with Vivid to put together a plan to change this and we devised a campaign that would include face-to-face (two way) engagement, B2B activity and data capture.

Prior to the gala, Vivid printed and distributed thousands of branded ‘Friends of the Gala’ beermats to a list of 50 pubs and bars in Durham City Centre. Our friendly and experienced staff members engaged with the owners of each bar, they took their details and also gave them a personal letter from the gala explaining how businesses can also get involved in offering support. Alternatively each beermat gave a call-to-action to join the friends’ alongside some information on the benefits of joining up.

To give the campaign the ultimate boost - on the day of the event the Vivid team walked around the gala engaging with attendees and asking if they would be interested in finding out some more information about becoming a Friend of the Miners Gala.

All data and feedback from both the distribution and from the Vivid data capture team was handed over to the DMG to follow up and convert into full sign-ups.