How to super-charge your Christmas promotions

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Do you enviously peer at your competitor’s social media and press coverage as the dreaded C-word looms closer and closer? On top of feeling hopelessly inadequate at seasonal marketing, I’d also bet a tenner that your toes are curling with horror as John Lewis and Coca-Cola adverts start chugging across your TV screen.

No matter what industry you are in, it can always feel like everyone around you is more organised, super creative and generally...seem to have it sussed. Never fear, it’s not too late to late to whack on the glitter and wax off the bar-humbug-Grinch on your shoulder.

Vivid are on hand to help you to devise, produce and carry out a variety of promotions and experiential activities, all of which aim to give your business or service targeted exposure. We can work with you to pin down your chosen audience and location/s and develop your brands ‘Christmas’ story. This can be done in a variety of ways from mass B2B leaflet distribution (using our unique FlyerPower/PosterPower service), spectacular On-Street Events and hand-to-hand Flyering, to our modern and effective Beermat production/distribution service and attention grabbing PR Stunts and Flashmobs!

We also have your back when it comes to staffing your Christmas Extravaganzas, Grottos and corporate do's – because it can be the hardest time of year to rally your in-house troops when harsh reality of hangovers and Christmas functions start kicking in. In comparison Vivid staff are experienced, trustworthy and we hand-pick them for each activity and client – to ensure you have a team who represent your business to the highest level.

Christmas Markets are the perfect place to carry out your festive promotions!

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