To Brand or not to Brand?.... Is that a serious question?!

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

For our first blog (on our fabulous new website) we wanted to talk about staff branding and the reasons why we feel they are not a desirable extra, but an essential element to all promotional and experiential activities.

To understand why, we must put ourselves in the shoes of the passers-by and the target audience. Promotional staff have a very short window in which to target, stop someone & enter an engagement... in less than 30 seconds in fact. So it’s important that the passer-by can swiftly identify the person approaching them and make a decision to engage or not.

Granted, wearing a uniform isn’t always going to mean you are going to have a barrier-free engagement, but it will definitely assist rather than hinder.

In addition to this brand ambassadors wearing uniform, become instant walking and talking billboards! Bringing advertising to life is no easy feat, but with promotional marketing, that’s exactly what we do. Whether our Brand Ambassadors are powering our way through the region doing Flyer and PosterPower, at an on street event or carrying out surveys, your brand will visible to a wide audience.

We often assist clients to produce and brand kits, uniforms or costumes (think morph suits and superheros). For most we would recommend a generic kit, so it can be used on many different campaigns. However for some Brand Activations require a slick head to toe ‘look’ to really take the activity to the next level!

Here’s a quick price list for reference:

£12+VAT - Branded Caps

£12+VAT - Branded Hats

£15+VAT - Branded T-shirts (logo front and back)

£20+VAT - Branded Hoodies (logo front and back)

£25+VAT - Branded Waterproof Jackets (logo front and back)

£35+VAT - Branded Shell Jackets (logo front and back)

POA - Branding costumes/morphsuits etc

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