'...Vivid have used on street events, flyerpower/posterpower and hand-to-hand flyering to increase awareness of Big Days Out and it has proven to be a ‘huge success’.  




In a nutshell...Vivid provide GNE with a variety of experiential and promotional marketing activities to inform, engage and ultimately change the perception of modern bus travel; methods include producing fresh and original themes, events, family fun days and roadshows to gorilla hand to hand leafleting, Flyer/PosterPower and engagement enhancers at recruitment events.

GNE’s (Go North East) historical roots run deep into the North East, but they are always striving to look to the future and be at the forefront of modern bus travel in the UK. All new buses are state of the art, with low emissions, wifi, plug sockets and even built in table games as standard. In addition to this ticket types, prices and purchasing methods are also continuously updated to suit the regular modern user (and potential user).

GNE Bus and Route Launches...

Vivid was presented with an exciting brief, GNE wanted to launch each new bus and ultimately connect  with existing and potential bus users to change their perceptions of modern bus travel. Our aims were:

  • Launch each new bus and/or route

  • Inform existing users of any improvements to their regular services

  • Encourage potential customers to consider using the bus, either on a regular  or ad hoc basis

  • Continue to show GNE as a local business, a fantastic employer and an integral part of the community.

Vivid worked with GNE to create a format, which could be rolled out alongside the new buses and routes:

  • Hold a fun and engaging event in a Town or City integral to the bus service in question.

  • Each event would provide people with the opportunity view and board one of the new buses

  • Experienced promotional staff to talk people through the upgrades (which will now come as standard) and show them how to make the most of the new buses (i.e. connect to the wifi, use the plug sockets etc)

  • To supplement events we would also have teams carrying our unique distribution service FlyerPower and Posterpower in pre-designated areas.

For each bus route we plan the theme of the uniform and ‘style’ of the event to correspond with the name of each route and the branding used. The aim of this is to further reinforce the branding and increase the longevity of the activity.


Big Days Out...

GNE also like to listen to their customers, so they know what the modern commuter, leisure user or family need from their local bus company. Most recently as a result of market research, GNE launched a simple £10 family ticket which was branded Big Days Out. The ticket would also qualify the family to reduced entrance fees at local attractions. For the past two summers Vivid have used on street events, flyerpower/posterpower and hand-to-hand flyering to increase awareness of Big Days Out and it has proven to be a ‘huge success’.  


Social Media...

Vivid are strong believers in the power of social media, so we have carried out several GNE ‘instagram takeovers’ on the day of an event. We also design props to deliberately engage with the public to create social media content.